10 resources for beginners to learn Web hacking 🧵👇

  1. OWASP Juiceshop — Created by Bjoern kimminich

This application contains various vulnerabilities which can be exploited which helps users to understand the methodology and attack scenarios. It’s a simulated environment.

2. OWASP WebGoat:

An insecure web application with existing underlying vulnerabilities which are commonly found in Java-based web applications.

3. Port Swigger Labs:

A web application that provides labs scenarios for each vulnerability type and explaining the defensive measures and offensive mechanisms.

4. Sillydaddy — Creator @sillydadddy

AMA talks with professional bug hunters explaining their journeys into #infosec while sharing their experiences.

5. Beginner’s Web application course — Creator @thecybermentor

Heath is a professional pentester and in this video, he explains various classes of vulnerabilities and their attack scenarios.

6. Hacking Articles: Raj Chandel

This website consists of various topics about web hacking and hacking in general which are also contributed and documented by various authors.

7. Backdoor:

This website contains simulated penetration testing labs and CTF’s challenges

8. Cyber-security Wtf: Author Myo Soe

This website consists of several web hacking challenges and katana Knowledge bases and Attack maps. More like a Capture the flag(CTF) environment.

9. Hacking web applications: Brent White

Documented at Defcon conference 23 which explains the basics of web application hacking and feature testing.

10. Hacker101:

HackerOne provides several descriptive video content about various vulnerabilities which are commonly found during web application testing.

11. InfoSec Community :

A collection of amazing write-ups covering various topics like CTF’s, Bug bounty, Pentesting, etc.

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