eLearnSecurity(eCPPTv2) Review

Introduction -

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Many people have been asking me to share my opinions and the preparation process to achieve eCPPT certification. Here are my two cents on the exam. In this blog, I will be sharing my strategies and some unique methods which helped me push through hurdles and attain the certification.

Overview -

Note -

Preparation -

To my enthusiasm, I immediately started learning the material starting with system security. Honestly, it was too much information, so I eventually skipped that section and focused on other modules. For the next 2 months, I had been continuously working on PDFs and labs from different modules while simultaneously taking notes in notion. I Enjoyed the pivoting lab’s scenarios and using various Metasploit modules. Sometimes I had to do the labs multiple times to grasp the content and understand the flow. The course has everything you need to achieve the certification.

Module name — System Security

Exam -

Day 2
Started at 11 am and kept enumerating. I had successfully identified the vulnerability but kept failing continuously in exploiting it. Took a break and got back, again a dead end.

Day 3
With a fresh mind kept debugging my methodology and found my mistake. At that point, I was livid with myself and disappointed at how silly I was. I had successfully rooted three machines by the end of the day.

Day 4–5
Was a lazy bum. Dint work on the exam as the deadline was far away.

Day 6
Spent an entire day completing a machine which was a bit tricky and required thinking out of the box( loved this part of the exam). Successfully rooted the fourth machine by evening.

Day 7
I knew 90% of the exam was done, just one more machine to hack into. After loads of enumeration, I had finally rooted the last machine and hacked them all.

Reporting -

Certified :)

Exam tips -

  1. Pivoting, Pivoting, Pivoting everywhere!! A good understanding of this concept is a must.
  2. Think out of the box. Debugging your methodology is a huge plus
  3. The exam doesn’t take 7 days. Prepare well in advance and get good rest.
  4. Much of the learning was during the exam. It’s okay to refer back to the materials.
  5. As this is a real-life pen testing exam, report all the vulnerabilities identified and take tons of screenshots when required.
  6. Enumeration is the key.

Feedback -

I’m looking forward to getting into the elearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester Extreme (eWPTX) exam and I hope this will be a challenging one and loads of learning. A huge shoutout to my mentors Joe Helle and Heath Adams for always encouraging and pushing me through this journey. Feeling Grateful.

If you guys enjoyed the blog a clap would mean so much to me. It keeps me motivated to post more content on Twitter and in blogs.


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Happy hacking !!!

If you have reached this far, thank you for reading this article. Kindly feel free to point out any mistakes and do let me know where I can improve in writing and explaining in detail. Appreciate it!!. All the best. God bless.



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