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Diving straight into the topic.

At times you must have encountered what the heck these TAR files are and why do they have those weird extensions. I had the same thought when I came across this while watching IPPSEC vids. Have researched this but couldn’t get the exact meaning.

So here is a nudge on TAR files.

TAR files

Let me explain the scenario — Assume you want to send 10 files to your friend through email. One approach is to select every file, upload, and send it. Rather wouldn’t it be easy if you could combine all the files into a single file and send it to your friend? This is exactly the main functionality of TAR files.

Combining multiple files or metadata into a single file is called as a TAR file.

Command to see the content inside a tarfile

These can be done with or without compression also. It depends on the user.

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